May 2022
Country name of Macadonia changed to North Macedonia(from 2019)

August 2018
Country name of Swaziland changed to Eswatini

February 2018
Mauritanian flag changed

May 2017
Country name of Cape Verde changed to Cabo Verde(from 2013)

February 2014
Malawian flag changed(from 2012)

October 2011
Libyan flag changed

July 2011
South Sudan newly independent

September 2010
Flag of Malawi changed

August 2010
Flag of Ecuador modified

March 2010
Reverse side of Paraguay flag added

January 2010
Twi (Akan) for Ghana added

December 2009 
Quechua for Bolivia added
Other languages of Zambia added
Another official language of Israel added

November 2009
Romansh inscription for Switzerland added
Lingua franca of Senegal added
Lingua francas of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Republic of the Congo added
Shona and Ndebele inscriptions for Zimbabwe added
Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba inscriptions for Nigeria added

May 2009
Some official languages of South Africa other than English added

April 2009
Language name of Montenegro changed

February 2008
Flag of Iraq changed

January 2008
Bambara inscription for Mali added
Country name of the Comoros corrected